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INSTANTLY get longer, fuller eyelashes

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You see, eyelashes speak for the eyes: longer and thicker for a sultry gaze, straighter to accentuate your mesmerizing gaze, fuller to make your eyes pop.

Service - Lashes
Classis Lashes_800.jpg


Classic lashes are single lash extensions placed on single natural lashes, creating a 1:1 ratio.  These lashes give you the most natural look.  Fullness will depend primarily on the natural health and quantity of your natural lashes.

Classic Plus_800.jpg

classic plus

CLassic plus are a split “Y” style extension that gives you double the fullness of traditional classic lashes, creating a 2:1 ratio.

Hybrid lashes_800.jpg


Hybrid lashes are a combination of classic and volume lashes.  Depending on the desired style and quality of the natural lash, its a 50/50 mix of single classic extensions and volume fans

Volume Lashes_800.jpg


volume lashes are the most popular style of lash extensions.These are created by using several thinner lash extensions that are fluffed out to create a multidimensional fan which is placed on a single natural lash.  Volume fans range in size depending on the fullness that you wish to achieve and the health of your natural lashes.

Wet Look_800.jpg

wet look volume

wet look  lashes style is similar to traditional volume but the extensions are not fanned out aka closed to create an appearance of a wet spiky texture.

Mega Volume_800.jpg

mega volume

Mega volume is volume all pumped up! Double the fluff and double the density of traditional volume. These fans can be up to double the dimensions as traditional volume fans.

Custom Magnetic Strip Lashes_800.jpg

custom magnetic strip lashes

Love the look of lash extensions but you're allergic to lashing products? No time for the maintenance for traditional lash extension? Hate regular glue on strip lashes?   We have a solution for you!!  Custom magnetic strip lashes made just for you by Jamie! She will give you the look of lash extensions on beautiful magnetic strip lashes. Removable and refillable. Reach out ot us for more information and pricing.

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