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RBF Beauty and Esthetics was started in 2018 by Jamie out of her small apartment dining room. She was a newly single mom who needed a fresh start. She fell hard for the beauty industry and it’s been her life ever since. In 2020, she finally had the courage to take the next step and moved from that dining room to a l studio space. Now in 2022, Jamie has grown herself and the business to the point where she is ready to take RBF to the next level. She is currently look for a bigger, better salon space and will bring on additional lash artists, estheticians, waxing specialist and more to help you feel and look your very best!

Meet The team


Jamie Fisher


Jamie is a master esthetician and the boss behind everything RBF.  She made big changes to her life in 2017, including quitting her job and putting herself through esthetics school and hasn’t looked back.  Her skills include lashing, microblading, tanning, skin care and waxing. She likes to say, “I didn’t choose lashing, lashing chose me.” She loves giving her clients that extra boost of hotness with lashes! She’s crazy passionate about growing and leveling up in all aspects of life and loves being able to share that through her teaching programs. Jamie is a big energy so get ready to laugh, sometimes cry but she definitely leaves you looking forward to your next appointment!​

Hailey - about us_edited.jpg

Hailey meldrum


Hailey is here and ready to rock your world! She is working her way through esthetics school and is killing it at the lash game. This is a new career for her and she is so excited to grow her skills and her potential. She’s a full time mom of 2 wild boys so she can pretty much handle anything! Right now Hailey is specializing in lash extensions but very soon she’ll be adding waxing and skin care to her menu

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